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📖 Amazon Kindle, the ultimate reader experience?

📖 Amazon Kindle, the ultimate reader experience?

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Hello! 👋

I bought an Amazon Kindle now for 2 weeks and this post is my experience feedback.

My Situation 🏕

Before all, you have to know that I was not a daily reader, not a weekly reader, and less a monthly reader 🤓.

Apart from reading articles on the Internet, watch videos and series, I hated to read books and I always hate that!

But since the first lockdown in France, I'm interested in a new format to learn something new, I am very curious by nature.

And I tried to read the biography of Elon Musk 🚀 on my Apple iPad Pro.

It was not easy but I loved it, I learned more about Elon Musk by reading only half of the book than all the videos and newspapers that I read on him!

More details are been transcribed through the book.

And I understood a thing, I just hate to read a physical book, not really reading.

But I got a problem by reading with an iPad: My attention was not fully taken by the book, but a part was taken by notifications, Netflix, Youtube, and apps that which was at 2 clicks to be opened.

And after a couple of months, I thought about buying a device.

The Amazon Kindle 📖

My first research was turned about Amazon Kindle tablets because they are the most popular devices to do it and I don't know anyone who was disappointed about it.

I got multiple opinions from friends and family about them and I made my first purchase about a device which is made to read books (incredible).

And the Kindle that I bought is the Kindle Paperwhite 8Go and with publicity.

WTF, with publicity? 🤔

Yep, I was surprised too when I learned it but after a day of thinking about the publicity model, I got multiples serious points to buy it:

  • It is 10€ less expensive
  • I can buy that 10€ later to remove it
  • I will have my Kindle just 2 days after my purchase against 7 for the no-publicity model
  • Thank the publicity, I can discover new books

And the most important point is the publicity is only displayed on the locked screen and it is not weirded as publicity on the Internet.

Conclusion 🎯

As you pay attention to your diet and exercise for the health of your body, don't forget that your mind needs exercises too to be healthy. 🏋️

Exercises can just be learn something new but if you just learn something using websites and socials networks you will not learn half of the subject you are looking for.

And you're not obligated to finish the book that you're started, you can even skip 10 pages if you want!

For me, 129.99€ is like buying a weight training machine but for the mind. 🧠

I started my reads with the book: Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.

Incredible book if you want my opinion. 😌

I already read 70% of the book in only 2 weeks, just unthinkable for me of 1 year ago.

That post was not really about how is worth it or not to buy an Amazon Kindle but just my experience as a non-reader with it.

I hope that post can be helpful for you In your future investment. 😁

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