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My 2021 Starter Pack

My 2021 Starter Pack

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Thomas Tastet
·Jan 26, 2021·

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Hi !
Hope you're well and this year starts well for you :)

For my part, I have news to give you !


BlackSwan Paris, the new e-commerce reference !

For people who didn't know : I worked from September 2019 to May 2020 in an e-commerce website creation agency.

The workflows in place weren't great and we were doing what a lot of Shopify agencies were doing, which was just doing Shopify sites.

Normal would you tell me?

Is creating a slow, heavy site that is difficult for the client and for the consumers to use? Is that normal for you?

Because that's what 90% of e-commerce agencies do today.

This is why, with 2 others talented persons, we decided to launch in September 2020 BlackSwan.Paris, our Shopify website creation agency with our workflows and our own javascript and liquid technology in order to respond to the problems presented above.

Since then, we have accumulated references such as, etc ... (complete portfolio on our site).

We don't know the rest lol.

Our customers are very satisfied with our services and that's what matters! (Yes I'm very proud of it)

Meilleur Mandat, let's go !

Because I don't know the weekend principle either, I worked on a project which for the moment is only at the level of France called Meilleur Mandat .

The principle is simple, you deposit your property there and agencies will make you mandate proposals that you can choose in order to sell your property with confidence!

And all this without you having to divulge your information to the agencies, so you will not be harassed!

Bitcoin, let's goooooo !

We no longer present bitcoin, it is now obvious!

Also since September, a person I'll call the wolf introduced me to the rabbit hole as he likes to call it and made me addicted to the world of the most popular digital cryptocurrency (Bitcoin ... you follow?)

So I bought some equipment to make my own node with Umbrel !

Main interest of Bitcoin that I find: Regain control of my wallet!

Great transition for ... Signal And Brave !

Taking control of my wallet was the first step, the second was to uninstall Whatsapp and replace it with Signal, moreover if you still have Whatsapp or Messenger installed on your phone, now is the time to change!

Signal allows you to keep total control over your communications, both in message and audio or video call!

I also took my favorite little software, I named: Dashlane

All my data is on it, encrypted and as a bonus I have the access to a VPN with servers all over the world!

Suddenly, now as soon as I quit my browser: all cookies, history, storage etc ... are automatically deleted, so reconnecting is super easy with Dashlane even if I have activated double authentication for even more security! (and no SMS please!)

Besides that, I still use Brave with a few more extensions:

  • Ninja cookie to remove the cookie banners each time I return to a site (it got boring)
  • ClearURL's to remove tracking parameters in links
  • LocalCDN to avoid tracking via resources or libs not updated
  • Privacy badger for the last little trackers that are resistant haha

And I activated the compensation system for creators via BAT (only on brave) to participate in the development of a healthy and transparent advertising ecosystem.

To conclude this article, an exciting start to the year for me, I hope the year will be quieter and that I will have the courage to write articles more regularly than today lol.

And I know this article is a bit messy but I'm writing for the pleasure of writing!

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