New adventure

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Hello world everyone ! 😁

Today I want to launch my blog to share a lot of things with you, my projects, passions etc...

Let me introduce myself.

Who am I ?

I’m a 19 years old French developer passionated by the technologies (both new and old), musics, motorbikes and by the nature 😄

I have being developing since I was 11 and I like it cause I want to turn everything around me into something better and simpler.


I’m the CTO of the best (I’m modest) Shopify stores development company since a few months after 1 year spent working for an other Shopify company.

At the same time I’m working on Open Sources projects on my GitHub profile.

And I’m learning Deno for next sides projects.

Next steps

I want to go at Montreal (Canada) and discover this City and more generally the Canadian culture and maybe a day, live at Montreal 🇨🇦

And share a lot of things with you through my blog.

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