Sats to walk [$BTC]

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Today I will tell you about an idea I had with a friend 😁.

An idea to collect a bit of Bitcoin, if we can still talk about Bitcoin ... you'll understand

The Idea 💡

The idea is that : in the morning I post a tweet in which I say that for x Satoshi I will travel x kilometers. 🧭

And I'll give a Bitcoin address to send sats to.

After having walked half of the way and therefore before starting the way back, I will take a picture of where I will be and I will publish it quoting the morning tweet. 🏞

Obviously, there will be a reasonable limit not to be exceeded that I will give each day, the rest of the Satoshi collected will be a bonus for later, just to have something to motivate each day.

Or you give a goal of collected sats to cover x kilometers.

The Hashtag #️⃣

Like Bitcoin, this "challenge" will not be my property, anyone can do it and post their photo with the hashtag #satstowalk on Twitter or Instagram.

It is also the strength of this challenge, sharing Satoshi's with friends to force them to leave their homes and see the possible beautiful places around them.

Conclusion ✏️

The project behind this trend is to enjoy a moment outside and share it remotely with your friends by sending them Sats in your turn.

Especially since at this moment, it is important to go out and do some sport (yes, walking is a sport) to feel good until everything returns to normal!

To start the challenge, for 60k sats, I will walk 8km ! (I start high, just in case)

bitcoin address : bc1qmh93ygm24m42f5xn3ndp0mlhucnw22gn5u4a9z

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